Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Football in the Front Yard

Front Yard Football, October 2001
College Football started this weekend and the Pros will transition from preseason games to the real thing any day now. Kids have been getting into the swing of things in neighborhoods all over  the country. 

The Front Yard Football rules aren't very specific, but little girls don't need a lot of rules. They are born with the knowledge that they need to steal their big brother's football. 

October, 2013
In the lead photo the leaves on the ground and the warm colors give the feel of Autumn. This photo was scanned from a negative that was shot back in 2001.

The Kids are a little older now. I got them together again last weekend for a group photo with their little brother. He wasn't born until a few years after that Front Yard football game.

I love the expressions on the kids faces in both of the photos.

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